Facial Waxing: Facial Strips Vs. A Razor

Salut copains! (Not french, just studying it). In today's post, I'm going to be discussing whether it's better to use facial wax strips or a razor. I can't really say for hair removal cream, laser removal or any other methods because I haven't tried any of those options for my face. But I have used facial strips and a razor so I will be saying which I think is the best option to use (in my personal opinion).

A Razor:

Shaving is a good option when using it for facial hair in terms of getting a 'quick fix'. It's quick and not painful as long as you don't cut yourself. A good shaving cream/oil is recommended when getting rid of facial hairs plus using a razor is not expensive. You can get 5 razors for a pound in Poundland but the only problem is that the hair does grow back quickly which is why people say once you start shaving, you have to continue to shave regularly. But it's also annoying cause you may not get rid of all the hair completely unlike getting a wax.

Facial Strips:

Now... When I first started to use a wax strips. They were actually not bad. Once I got over the fear of pulling the wax strip off from my face, the pain was short lived. It's not THAT bad but God only knows what waxing over places in your body is like. But anyway, when I first waxed - no hair grew for a while, roughly 2 weeks and a bit I think. So I thought, YAAAY! No shaving forever when it comes to my face. Plus I only paid 90p for the wax strips, from Primark. (Red flag number one). The second time I waxed, it wasn't as good as the first time. For some reason, even though I did everything correctly, there was some wax left on my chin and ya, some bumps after. But what really was the second red flag was when I used it on my upper lip. NEVER AGAIN. 1. I got some bad spots on both sides of my mouth and 2. that caused hyperpigmentation for me. And of course the ideas of three strikes and you're out, led me to trying it for a third. I tried it one last time but this time, instead of any pimples or what not, all the hair wasn't off. Some hair was still on, some came off which just led me to going back to my original friend - my razor. *epic sigh*

Overall judgement?

To be honest. They're not perfect methods. I don't think anything is. You're always going to have a negative when it comes to removing any form of hair on your body. That's life so it is what it is. But I have to say I shouldn't really complain :) , you pay for a 90p wax, then you get a 90p wax. I'm pretty 100% that if I had bought something more expensive, then yeah, I might have gotten a wax that lasted for ages. Maybe I would have gotten something a lot more better if I had gone to a professional. But until I start making that kind of money, I am more than happy to stick with my razor for now until I can seek a better alternative. My overall judgement: obviously stick what works for you, but for me, #teamrazor. (At least for facial hairs, anywhere else is for another post!)

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A Long Awaited Life Update | Exams, Anxiety, Quitting Blogging?

Hey guys! I've missed blogging, making content for you guys to read and just being creative in general. The time I'm writing this is not even joke *if blogger had emojis I would put a laughing one and a crying one*, it's well after the time I should be sleeping but I really just don't have the time nowadays to blog without feeling like I've just missed valuable time to do something that could contribute to my exams. However I'm definitely going to be laying it all out on the table in this post.


Revising, revising, revising. I don't remember the last time I slept before 12, I can't remember the last time I blogged without time biting into my conscience, I hardly have time for myself. I know I should take breaks and just chill but I'm going to be honest with you guys - I'm the type of student who if I don't revise everything to the last tea - then it will definitely show. I'm not someone who can do the bare minimum and come out with a B or an A. With full blown revision, it's God that can get me an A, higher is a miracle. After exams I would love to do a break down of the AGGRAVATING wahala I've endured since September. My timetable, the anxiety, the experience - EVERYTHING! Because I don't know about y'all but NOBODY told me that this year would be hard. It has taught me a lot to say the least and I do plan on doing a few post on it.

School life?

Typical to say the least. In a few months, there are people that I'm gonna be so happy to wave goodbye to and I couldn't care less if I never saw them again. Whereas there are others which I'm upset that I'm not going to be seeing their faces as frequently as I do now. Secondary school is a tough one because if they are supposedly the best years of my life, they can also count for some of the worst. :) I'm not gonna lie - secondary school has brought me some funny, hilarious, crazy, happy, amazing etc memories that I won't forget - but it also makes you realise how fake some people can be, how people need to validate you through their own perspective and just how annoying and tough life can get sometimes. I'm basically going through a hot and cold stage with it and now I'm just lukewarm to say the least :P

What about blogging?

I'm taking a break. To be honest I've been taking a break since starting of April but this is an official one. This therefore means that I'm off schedule and I will not be actively blogging until my exams are over. My last one is on the 23rd of June- after that, the blog is all mine. I've got one last blog post, I'll probably upload that one at some point during the break but after that, I can't promise I'll be posting anything. It won't be fair on me or the people that read my posts to see the rushed content I've uploaded because you will tell a difference :') 
I should be active on the gram or twitter but that's about it really.


I think around the time I was planning to do this post was around January (4 months ago....My timing ain't right guys, I'm not even gonna lie. LOL) But so much has happened / changed. My mindset is a funny one. I can go months being the 'I don't care what you think' and have the whole 'unbothered' act nailed down. Or I can be the emotional, take things to heart and sensitive one. I'll do a post hopefully on everything, I REALLY WILL :D, about it because I don't want this post to be too long.

As for GCSEs, it has been a roller coaster which is about to be over and when it is over - I'll be so grateful. Honestly - I have good days and bad days like every other person going through the GCSE experience at the moment. It's just harder for us doing it this year and on wards because they've made a lot of changes to the exams and lets just say GCSEs are not as easy as they were 2 years ago - these exams are just as hard. I'm only partially lucky because the changes for my year are only for maths and English. For the class of 2018 and on wards - everything is converting to the new system. Overall, I will be okay- I know the hard work I've done shall manifest into something great so, yeah!

Personal life?

1. Prom is upcoming and guess who's not excited
2. Letting go of baggage. There's some people who you need to love from a distance (I speak in the context of friends) But to have them close to you is a no from me.
3. Slowly but surely losing feelings. (Can I get an AMEN!)
4. Just gonna develop this glow you guys. These past months - I've had no time for ME. And I think that's why I get so in my feelings when people come or talk about me negatively. I haven't had that building of confidence and character in a while - but when I get it, I know I'll be better. 

But that's all from you guys!! Just had to get some things off my chest. This is not the end of me blogging - but it is the start of exams  which is why I need to prioritise a little! Grateful for the support and everyone who helps make me feel better through this! Love you guys, thanks for reading - until next time!
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The Best Deep Conditioner Ever | NuNAAT Cream: Goat Milk And Brazil Nut Review

Hey Giiiiiiiiiirrrllll! So this post is going to be a review on my favourite product this month which you may have seen in my November favourites. But this time I'm going to explain it in more detail about my deep, affectionate love for this product because this product has done WONDERS for my huuuuurrrrrr!!! But lets just go straight into the post cause I'm excited for this one!

The Description

The NAAT Cream Goat Milk and Brazilian Nut deep conditioner treatment is ideal for thick/coarse hair. It can replenish lifeless/ 'dull' looking hair into looking more healthy and shiny/sheeny (if that's even a word :D). Because it's formulated for thick hair, the product leaves the hair soft whilst reducing volume and easily detangles the hair making it easier to comb. (We thank you Jesus!) The product can be left on for a good 5 minutes to easily absorb through the hair shaft and has a light-coloured, creamy consistency. 

Pros and Cons

The positive side has to be the fact that is the best deep conditioner I have EVER used in my life. There hasn't been a deep conditioner that has left my hair feeling so soft, smells nice and improves the length retention of my hair. I would love to do a hair tag on my hair later on here on this blog because my hair journey has come a LOOOOOONG way and this product has given it the biggest kick to longer and healthier hair. YAAAAASSSS *clap clap clap*. This is my favourite and a staple. The only negative side is...um... its not free? LOL,but I honestly don't know. I think when I first used it, the smell was not appealing to me but after using it a second/third time, I was hooked on it! But honestly guys, it's hard to critique this product. I think the most I can say is that it doesn't reduce the thickness of my hair enough. Because my hair is just like Simba's in the Lion King's to be honest.


How much is it?
The standard size of the product retails for £7.00. However, I went to a natural hair beauty event where I got a larger size for £5.00. To be honest , you can get it for different prices, it just depends where you purchase it from.

Is it for all hair types?
This one is specifically formulated for thicker, coarse hair. But there's other products from the NAAT range for other hair types. But I have not tried any besides this one.

Does it last?
GIRL, I bought this since May 2016 and I still have half of it left upstairs in my room. Yeeeeesss girl, it will last you.

Overall opinion?
Best. Conditioner. Ever.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any questions, comment below and \I will answer soon as I see it. What other deep conditioners do you recommend? Love ya!
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How To Effectively Revise For Your GCSEs | Different Methods Of Revising

Hey Guys! I really wanted to do this post because exam season starts in a couple of weeks and I think there's not a better time to do a post like this. I've got 19 exams I have to do and it goes without saying that it can be a bit stressful at times but it's possible! Before going into the tips that have helped me, I will quickly mention the ones you should have done already: make a timetable/ have a planner/ a calendar to write in. I cannot stress how important it is to have something that can keep you physically organised. Having it in your mind will just cause you to feel overwhelmed - write down what needs to be done and plan your revision sessions actively - don't rely on your mind to do it for you. Now I'll go into the rest of the tips I have (enjoy!):

1. Revising from your notes

Note taking has been my go to method when it comes to revision which you can see in the picture. I like to organise my format of note taking using the Cornell method which is just dividing your page into three sections. One small column for questions and short, brief notes. A larger section for your actual notes and a bottom section for a summary on your notes. (I would advise you to summarise all your notes nearer the date of your exams as a quick re cap). 
Your notes do not need to be Pinterest-inspried amazing or be super neat. They need to be clear and concise. To actively revise from notes:

1. Highlight it according to whatever a key you want to. Pink for general knowledge, yellow for dates, green for things you need to memorise etc...
2. Re-type your notes after highlighting it. I know - that's loooong. But it reinforces your memory to learn it.
3. Print out your typed up notes and go over it in pencil and concise your notes further. Cross out things that you feel is irrelevant or just unneeded. Always ask yourself "Is there a possibility of them asking me this"? That should help you know what to cross out.
4. Transfer your new, reformed notes onto flashcards and test yourself. There you go - you've reduced your notes into something that's brief but informative. Plus you've got your previous notes to go over anything you're not sure on

2. Revising from flashcards

Make sure to purchase flashcards that are made from card, not paper. You can even make your own but just be sure to use card. Possibly see if you can borrow some from your art class/department or see if someone who does art GCSE can get card for you. Using card will mean your notes will last longer and are not as transparent as using normal paper. To actively revise from flashcards:

1. Test yourself numerous times a week. There's legit no point in revising from flashcards if you don't constantly go back to them. I personally feel that I learn so much by constantly going back to them every other day.
2. Let someone else test you. You will feel more compelled to learn the information as you cannot trick yourself into thinking that you know it. Someone else will catch you out for your mistakes enabling you to learn the content better.
3. Treat it like a game :). It will cause you to be more motivated if you feel like there's a possibility of you finding revision to be fun. Buy grapes - eat a grape for any flashcard you get right. (I really don't know guys LOL, just do whatever works for you!)
4. Do a quiz from it. If you pass a quiz, it means you know the content well. Make a quiz and find out if you know your content well enough!
5. Stick them around your room if possible. Seeing something everyday will cause you to remember it eventually.

Overall, RE READ YOUR FLASHCARDS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE/AS DAILY AS POSSIBLE. You will be so surprised at what you will retain once entering that exam hall.

Photo from: stockphoto.io

3. Revising from posters

A3 or A4 - revising from posters is great and has many benefits. I used this method religiously in Year 10 for my biology GCSE and I got an A so definitely try to incorporate some form of posters in your revision.

1. Use a reasonable size depending on the information you're recording. A3 for a topic e.g P5: Electric circuits. A4 for a specific part of the unit you don't get e.g. Static electricity.
2.Highlight your poster the same way you would your notes. However highlight it according to what you do and do not know. For example: Pink - you know it, Yellow- Keep forgetting it but you roughly know it, Blue- Have no clue!)
3. Put it all over your room.
4. Make flashcards from them or watch YouTube videos for sections you don't yet understand.

Personally, I don't use posters as much as I did in the past but I would suggest using them if you've got a large unit you need to break down and understand.

4. Revising from Microsoft PowerPoint

This has to be my favourite one so far. It's simple and can be used to retain SO much information. I don't know about you guys, but in my school, we learn via PowerPoint. Creating my own has enabled me to treat it like an actual lesson causing me to remember the content a lot better. To actively revise via creating your own PowerPoint:

1. Gain your information from various sources. Don't rely on just the CGP or a specific website - get your information from different places and combine it into one PowerPoint. You don't know if certain content will be missed from using 1 specific source of info.
2. Teach others from your PowerPoint. This method of revision I promise will allow you to retain a good 90% of the information you trying to memorise. Why? Because to teach others the content means you know the content back to back. Not only can you help others but you can also help yourself. Thoroughly explain to the person the information. Ask them if they have any questions - anything you forget or don't mention - you need to learn it.
3. Add pictures/sounds/special effects to engage with your mind. You don't have to draw anything, all you have to do is add your choice of pictures/sounds from the internet and it will get you actively thinking and memorising. You will remember a picture better than a page of words - add things to your PowerPoint other than words.
4. Regularly read your PowerPoint/teach it. It's the BEST way to revise because you WILL retain most of what you write on the PowerPoint. 


1. Use many methods to revise, don't just rely on one. I've given you four, if you know anymore - feel free to use those. You should be using at least 3 different methods to get your brain to wrap around the content better
2. Don't overdo it. One regret I have is giving myself a lot to do. As we speak, there's 5 other documents I need to create for notes , pages of french vocabulary I need to record on flashcards and I mountain pile of notes to write/highlight. Realistically give yourself a reasonable goal.
3. Don't stress if you don't get everything done. You know more than you think you do - work hard but don't over work yourself ! xx
4. When you enter the exam, relax. Don't panic, just chill. Of course write quickly, read the question cautiously and skim the page every so often that there's no silly mistakes - but just don't panic.
5. Know your limit - there's only so much you can do.

P.S. Making revision content is NOT actual revising. Writing notes or flashcards I would say is just getting the information. You need to RE-visit the information numerous of times and actively learn from it to know it. Writing notes on the carbon cycle is only going to get you so far - doing a quiz on your notes, making a poster, along with some flashcards will solidify the information and transfer it to your long term memory.

I didn't plan for this to be so lengthy but I really wanted to just get everything down to help anybody that might be struggling. We're almost at the finishing line and its been a long journey! Don't give up now, you're soooooooooooo close! GCSEs are important, no doubt. But they're not everything. Don't allow them to take over your life - your health comes first :D
Have a great day to all my hardworking females and males!
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Why You Should Celebrate Your Birthday + Tips & Advice | #TeamPisces

Hey guys! So this will be the last instalment of my birthday series. Yesterday was my friend's birthday and although many things didn't go exactly as planned, it definitely served as a reminder as to why its important to celebrate the one day of the year that should be dedicated to you. I hope you guys have enjoyed my mini series. Although we are now into Aries season, I just thought we're all March babies at the end of the day! Personally, its been a great month full of many happiness and celebrations but also some hard lessons were learnt. All will be explained through a blog post on my blog which I know I keep on saying but there's been too many things happening which I just wish to share at a later date so I can get EEEERRRYYYTHING off my chest. But thank you all for reading my posts for this month and now let's begin this one!

Okay, why celebrate your birthday?

1. Your birthday only comes once in a year

There's no reason as to why you shouldn't just do something small or even large on your behalf. This is YOUR day and therefore it should be acknowledged, even if its by only a few. I remember not wanting to make a fuss for my sixteenth birthday but once the day came, I wanted to feel extra special. Which I did feel, considering that my friends brought me two balloons and I had three badges, causing me to be very distinct amongst a sea of people in uniform. Overall its only once a year and its entirely up to you what you wish to do, so big or small- do what you wish. Its YOUR day.

2. Make memories

In every birthday celebration I've had, no matter how big or small they were, memories have always been made. The fact that you can take photos with your friends/family which you can later look back at in the future is great. I highly recommend that you do something in order to have that opportunity to say "Om my gosh, remember *insert a name* birthday?"  or "that was so funny what *insert a name* did at *insert your name* birthday!". We only got one life y'all, better make the most of it!!

3. Celebration of life in general

As soppy or cliche as this may sound, life's a gift guys!! There are people who did not wake up to see today, there's people who prayed to live long but couldn't and there's those who wish they could take your place in your new age of youth. For whatever reason you may not be fond of not celebrating your birthday, whether it be that your missing someone on your special day or even just worrying about things not going right - remember that things will be alright in the end, they always are. Use your birthday to look to the future or use it to remember that you deserve to be happy and enjoy yourself- no matter what situation may occur.


For people who want to do their birthday BIG:

-A house party!! (This could be intimate or as wild as you want. Just be sure to keep the numbers low enough so that nothing stupid happens: like someone breaking something or possibly gate crashing)
-A hall party (You can get a little crazy with this one, especially if you've got the money to do this)
-A limo and a dinner outing (make sure people turn up on time. If you know your friends are latecomers - if you want them for a certain time, tell them an earlier time to avoid missing a  reservation or upset)
-Rent a hotel room and do your party there! You may even want to sleep over

For people who want to do something SMALL/INTIMATE:

-Go out for food with a few friends and watch a movie afterwards
-Get your hair, nails, make up done for the day and go shopping. Make yourself look nice for the sake of looking nice because its yo birthday!!
-Small house party/get together (This was what I did for my sixteenth and I had a great time. There was music, food and laughter. This will be great for anyone who wants to do something but nothing too big.)
-Go and do something active. Like jumping giants, go karting, a trampoline park - whatever you fancy.
-If you got a bae or a best friend, do something with just the two of you.


-Not everything will go to plan guys. There will always be something that doesn't go exactly to plan, big or small. Do not worry because regardless of these implications, they should not be big enough to ruin your day. 
-People might not turn up. This is the hard truth. Although people will say they will defo come, there is that slight probability that they could pull out last minute. Try not to worry too much, your real friends will explain/give a proper excuse as to why they can't make it or will tell you beforehand so they will not disappoint you last minute. We all hate these turn of events but they do happen - just make sure to not let it worry you and to give people enough notice so that people can tell their parents in advance.
-Not everyone will say happy birthday. LOOOL! This used to really make me feel a certain kind of way. I remember how last year for my fifteenth how the guy I was talking to didn't wish me happy birthday 'properly' (I know, I'm such a drama queen) so I was therefore in a kind of mood. Not to mention like 4 people said happy birthday on my social medias when I turned 15th. All I've got to say is this: If you ain't close, why care? Let people say it if they wish to or not at all - either way, the older you get, the more you care about just surrounding yourself with your close friends/family. You learn that a few posts on your Facebook wall doesn't define your importance or your value. So chiiiiiillllllll <3

Hope you all have amazing week - let's go APRIL!!! Thanks for reading and supporting me xxx 
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My March Playlist: Birthday Edition | #TeamPisces

Hey guys!! Today is a short post about some of my favourite tunes for this March, many I played yesterday for my turn up and it brought everyone up and on their feet! So I just wanted to show some of the tracks I've been listening to. So far this is my third post in the series and I've got one more to do which I've decided will be all about 'why you should celebrate your birthday'! If you have not already, check out my previous post which was a mini Q & A!! I hope you enjoy some of my favourite tracks guys!! (Low-key can't wait for April because I've got a few interesting posts coming for you guys *wink wink*)
P.S. I know Pisces season will be over by the time I do my next post but - oh wells :D )

My birthday/March playlist:

1. Controlla - Drake
2. Too good - Drake
3. Work - Rihanna
4. Tonight - Burna Boy
5. Like to party - Burna Boy
6. Soke - Burna Boy
7. Hollup - Mr Eazi
8. Intro (difference) - Bryson Tiller
9. Let em know - Bryson Tiller
10. The Morning - The weeknd
11. Your number - Ayo Jay
12. Black Barbies - Nicki Minaj
13. Recognize - PND & Drake
14. Kontrol (extended) - Maleek Berry
15. Run up - PND ft. Nicki Minaj
16. Clean - Ty Dollar $ign
17. Daniella Whyne - Patoranking
18. Regret in your tears - Nicki Minaj (FAVOURITE OF THE MONTH)
19. Leg over - Mr Eazi
20. The Mack - Nevada
21. More - IQ
22. Now or later - Sage the Gemini
23. LUV - Tory Lanez
24. Kotch - RDX
25. It's my birthday - Will.I.Am
26. Stickwitu - Pussy Cat dolls
27. Post to be - Omarion
28. Dorobucci - Mavins
29. Promise - Kid ink and Fetty wap
30. Run the world - Beyonce

There was so much more guys but there's only so much I could put down. However thanks for clicking on my posts. Hopefully there's more posts to come but with that being said, have an amazing week guys !!!! Good luck to all that's doing PPE's!! If you know, you know. If you don't it's Pre Public examinations - just before our GCSE's
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