Prom 2K17: Awards, Turn Up, The After Party | Part 2

Hey guys! This post is a continuation from my first prom post where I talked about the moments leading to the actual prom. In this post I'll be continuing from that post so if you want to have a read of part 1 of my prom, just click HERE!
Now onto the prom itself.


This was the greeting hour. Everyone was saying hi and just taking selfies. People were posting on their Snapchat stories, complimenting each other, getting into the moment. Plus it’s that stage in a party/event where everyone is coming out of their shell. It wasn't until 6:30 that we actually boarded the boat. The boat was really nice, it didn't look quite like the way it did in pictures but it looked nice all the same.


Lord Jesus kept me alive guys. Now I never thought I could be bored at prom – but I got bored. I kid you not guys, there was a group of us females and males just sitting down and glancing at either the floor or outside the boat. The DJ kept playing the same songs over and over again and was playing songs that were not ‘in’ I guess. It made me laugh a couple of times because of the reality of the situation but for the most part I was ready for the boat to just pull up and let me go home.
In this hour we had food which was O.K. Burger, wedges, chicken etc. I sat with different people that I spent the night with so that was great as it meant experiencing the evening with different people. (Even though Year 11 – the last year of secondary school, wasn’t my most social year to say the least).


Thank you Lord because it was turnt during this period. The DJ started to play more modern/recent music. Everyone was on the floor – for those who it wasn’t were thing were outside or upstairs. But this point was where the teachers and students came and did their thang. It was great fun. The girls were in their group, the guys were in their group. Due to the small floor, we were still together and it didn’t feel segregated. The boat was at one point swaying because at one point everyone was leaning back and forth. I danced with my girl (we’ll call her G) in the middle and my other friends too. And they played my song! (Mr Eazi-Leg over). But honestly guys, my head of year was just on another mission. Every time it got lit – the music would stop. I think it happened like 3 times so at that point I was like – allllrrriiiightyyy then!! And I think they played one song which we all thought that greater music would follow and it will continue getting better – NOPE! 9:45 had arrived and the boat was at the pier waiting for us to get off.

The awards:

The awards came and they did prom king and queen, silliest voice, worst uniform etc. It was just all banter and silly awards. I won the one for the uniform. I received big hoop earrings and stick on nail whatever it’s called. When it came to uniform, I wasn’t 100% AKA I often wore nail polish, big earrings etc (don’t do it guys- not worth the stress). But it was funny to gain an award for that so that was a cute touch.

More pictures:

We took pictures throughout and we took a big one as a whole year. (The WHOLE year did not attend prom for various reasons so there was like 130 who came out of 180).

Home time… or is it?

So we got off the boat. The night was sooooooooo young. But it is what it is. Honestly it was a great evening overall. A funny/lit ending to say the least. Now me and my friend who I came with were waiting for our mums to pick us – to go to an after party. So after about 20 minutes of taking more photos at night; we’re both ready to go to our friend’s after party. So can someone explain to me why our mums said no even though it was already agreed.
They arrived at 10:30 and we didn’t leave central London till 10:50 to say roughly. So we clocked up at our friend’s house at 11:15 (no traffic, no rush hour so the journey was quicker than before). Previously my mum said she will pick me at 12:30.
She picked me and my friend at 11:50.

I know my time will come where I can stay out late until the cows come home but until then – my butt had to leave. The after party was alright – we danced, drunk coke, chatted about prom and just various other things. My friend ‘G’ also came with me and my friend home and we all had to walk, roughly 15 mins. And let’s just say 3 girls, walking in prom dresses, late at night can attract a lot of attention AKA a lot of horn honking, questions of there being a wedding from strangers, and a lot of staring.

And that was prom! This is probably my longest post – I sincerely apologise. I will not do this length of post again but so much happened and I just wanted to capture it all! I know it sounds like I was complaining a lot in this post so I apologise if it came across that way but I wanted to keep it 100, not sugar coat anything and overall the night was amazing. Let me just stop writing before I write a novel :)

Simply, Jessy Tee

Prom 2K17: The Dress, Central London, Erasmus | Part 1

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog and today I’m going to be posting about my prom. This post is long overdue but I really wanted to upload it because I’m pretty sure that I will not have another prom again and plus this is something that is a bit more personal and I feel as though it would be great to share, so although it’s late -  it’s here! (My Nails were done the night before and excuse my crusty hands :P I cleaned the dishes before taking the photo).

The morning/afternoon: 

From what I can remember, I basically did hardly anything in the morning (I apologise for the bad English right there). In the morning I texted/called one of my friends and we were just talking about the day and what’s to come. I also remember viewing my Snapchat and watching everybody’s story which was actually funny because on everyone’s story, it was legit – the date of the day, a picture of nails or a ‘sneak peek’/preview of hair or people getting ready. So as the afternoon approaches, everything is going a bit slow from what I can retrieve.
But sooner or later everything began to speed up funny enough. My grandma came to see me, I applied my contacts (which at first felt like I had a pebble in my eye), then it was down to make up. My mum did my make up for me which was a dark lip and a pink eyeshadow as my dress was pink but she suggested that I go for something dark on my lips so it's a contrast from all the pink.
So after makeup comes hair. My mum styled the hair for me (shout out to her!!). She blow dried and straightened it and did all that stuff. I didn’t want to wear my hair in its natural state due to heat and I’ve already straightened it once this year so I didn’t want to add anymore wahala to it.
(The concept of hair might be confusing to some when it comes to a black woman's hair so I’ll just move on :D )

Putting everything on and of course pictures:

Now that hair and make-up was done – it was time to put on accessories. I put on the earrings, I didn’t wear a necklace because my dress was high neck, I also wore my watch/bracelet and shoes. And finally the dress.
My dress was custom made because there is like one area where they sell prom dresses where I live and I just wasn’t willing to risk having the same dress as someone, plus it’s all fridging expensive. My dress was a decent price but the alterations made it shoot up (it was too big). So the day before, the dress was done and all was sorted. I was nervous at this point because the moment that I, along with the rest of my year group, had been waiting for was actually here and it was just a bit nerve-racking.
So of course my mum took pictures, my grandma took pictures with me and my brothers were somewhere in the house that day- and the moment had arrived to leave.


So my mum’s car was out of bounds that day as it needed repairing so I had to walk to my friend’s house who lived like a 5 minute walk away. It was a struggle because the dress was ‘poofy’ at the bottom but the walk was practise anyway because I would be walking regardless at the venue. But once I got there and saw her, the nerves were gone. She looked amazing and it was again, pictures and videos. So after we called the Uber – we made our way downstairs to get to the destination. At this point it was 4:40 – and we had to board the boat at 6…
Veeeery early. But nobody wanted to risk it. Plus the standard drive to the venue, with traffic and rush hour, it would take about 40 minutes to get there.

The City:

So we got to the pier/Central London for 5. A whole hour early. My school is a VERY FUNNY school and decided that we should be the first year that doesn’t have an assembly before going to the venue. Now if we had had an assembly, we would have been on time. But the reasoning for our earliness was down to the pressure of not missing the boat which wouldn’t have been an issue if we would have simply had our prom on land/if our school provided transportation which they had done so every year.

But as the saying goes ‘you can’t have everything’
But either way we were early, we said hi to some friends, more pictures from my mum and my friend’s mum. Then before you knew it, everyone started to arrive. (To think that our head of year said if you didn’t come at 6 the boat will leave, BUUUUTTT NOOOOO, the boat left at 6:30, (what a FUNNY SCHOOL!!) The frustration is real but by the time we said good bye, hello and took pictures, and actually boarded the boat – things were okay.

The boat - Erasmus:

The boat was great but I would have preferred if prom was on land. It was a beautiful experience with many scenery and insta worthy pictures. But having prom on the boat means the venue is quite small – although there’s other places to go on the boat, the main dance floor area is quite narrow compared to a standard ballroom/hotel venue. It meant pressure on time and people not being able to come due to lateness. Plus we were told that our prom would last for 4 hours, from 6-10.
We boarded that boat at 6:30 and left the boat at 9:45. So if my mathematical skills are still in check that was only 3 hours and 15 minutes we had. That remaining 45 minutes will be missed dearly. There was already complaints at the fact prom was finishing at 10 (too early for some).

Overall the boat was okay. It had its great side and it had its not so great side.
Due to not wanting this post to be too long, I will be doing a part 2 where I will explain what happened during and after prom! Thank you guys for reading!
"The night is still young and so are we." - Nicki Minaj

Bag: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: New Look
Watch: Guess
Dress: Custom made

Simply, Jessy Tee

So It Has Been A Year! | My One Year Blog Anniversary + (Why I Love It, Regrets, Advice etc.)

So - I guess it's now my turn to announce that it's my blogging anniversary. This post was supposed to be up since last Sunday but I wasn't feeling 100 and I didn't want to mess this particular post up! Around this time last year - I started this lil space. I've laughed, cried, been frustrated and lost with this blog. I created this from scratch, template and all which is mad because if you had told me I was going to start another blog from the beginning of 2016 - I would have just rolled my eyes and pretend I didn't hear you. BUT HERE WE ARE!
Let me just unravel the truth of the whys and whats behind the blog along with some facts.

Why I started the blog?

So summers are always a confusing one for me. I don't really have much to look forward to and the summer of 2016 was no different. I didn't want to be bored and lets say my summers don't consist of pool parties, red cups of alcohol, road trips, festivals, sleepovers or travelling the city - not under my parents roof. So I must have (this is gonna sound so sad but I'll keep it 100) been searching for things to do this summer because I full on wanted to be prepared and sorted. And I came across an article that listed various things to do. So after scrolling endlessly, the one thing that kept popping up was 'make a blog'.
However I dismissed the idea of doing one because I didn't see myself having one. The last blog I had was when I was like 10 and I had a good 4. So to get back into blogging would be weird because it's been so long. But no matter how many things I came across, the blogging idea stayed stuck inside my head - so with searching for teenage bloggers on google and just reading the 'About Me' section as knowledge for what having a blog would be like, I created one!

So the short simple answer was, I created my blog in the summer of 2016, from July-beginning of September so that I would not be bored!

Why I almost stopped blogging before I even started?

So although it's been a year, there's so much more to blogging than I've experienced yet. So why did I almost stop just before I got started? The short answer is commitment. Fear. And change.

That's what almost stopped me.

I wanted to create a blog so bad but I didn't want it to be like the blogs I had before (for insight, I had a collaborative blog where me and my former best-friend owned it, a nail blog and two MovieStarPlanet blogs- if you remember those days comment below LOL). Therefore I wanted to make sure my template was different to having the traditional blogger templates. Plus I wanted my blog to have logos and just be completely different from what I had before.
The fear in things going wrong which at times it did was the main reason why I had really bad anxiety. The overwhelming feeling of starting year 11 along with trying to start a completely different blog which I felt was a mile out of my comfort zone produced huge feelings of fear.

Like I never had those feelings before. From September to December, I had a really bad fear of blogging. The fear of it going wrong, the fear of potentially losing the blog, the fear of change because I would now need to commit to something (& whoever read my FIRST  blogpost will know that I find it challenging to commit to things). It was difficult for me and it was something that I overthought about a lot. I would make up scenarios of things that could go wrong. Seriously, if you have ever been through core-shaking, plain FEAR, then you know what I'm talking about.

That went on for four months but I got over it. I prayed about it, I calmed my butt down, I re-evaluated the situation and realised I needn't put myself through no stress. And since the new year, I've been taking it one day at a time.

What is my regret?

I don't really have any regrets when it comes to blogging. I just wish I had done the appropriate research beforehand. There's a lot of things that would have saved me a lot of time, frustration and anger if I had simply just researched it prior to doing it.

Why I love blogging?

Because it's mine. I have complete control of what I post, what I put out there. I have the access to take the blog in whatever direction as I see fit. As the years progress in my blogging journey, I have different plans for it at different stages. I see myself developing each 'sector' of my blog further in it's own individual way. I see myself slowly investing money and more time into it. I have goals for it. I have stated that this is something I would prefer as my main hobby as opposed to a career/profession.

My advice to any new bloggers:

Do it and get better. Do your research and understand what you're getting into. Blogging has many rewards - much I am yet to receive. But like all things like that, it comes with an investment of either hard work, time or money. But you can do it!
Don't compare yourself to other bloggers. I still do this myself but the more you invest into yourself and focus on your own lane - you will soon so how incredibly amazing you are and how much potential you have.
Don't let something fun be the stress of you like I did. Just remember it's a hobby, not a business...yet. Just learn to take it easy, one day at a time and take the breaks you need/deserve.
Engage with others! Only recently I've done this and I'm really glad I did: you feel less alone and understand that many are in your exact position.
DREAM BIG! Don't let anyone say you can't go places with a blog because there's so many out there! Not so many blogs out there are gonna bring what you have to offer. Be unique, be you and never think you can't achieve what the big bloggers are achieving.

Goals for this year:

-Improve my photo quality (it's all over the place at the moment).
-Develop each category of my blog further: nail art, drawings (watch out) beauty, genuine lifestyle posts etc.

So with that done thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who's supported me. The close friends, the friendly people who blog and have been with me at different stages. The likes, the re-tweets, the comments - IT IS APPRECIATED SO FRICKING MUCH!! Thanks for sticking with me guys! Cheers to another year, many more to come!

Simply, Jessy Tee

4 Books That I'm Going To Be Reading This Summer

Hey guys. Fingers crossed that this is going to be a short and sweet post but all I’m going to be writing about in this blog post (whilst I paint my nails) is about the books I am going to be reading this summer. Considering that the majority of you guys reading this blog post are either bloggers, general writers, amazing close friends of mine or people who love to read - most of you will know or understand how reading is great in general.

It is so easy to become absorbed into things that are completely irrelevant in making you happy or enabling you to grow physically, mentally and spiritually. I honestly challenge some of you guys to let go of things that are not contributing growth whatsoever.
Whether it be certain apps, music, TV shows or even a bad habit, this can be replaced with something that will actually help you. For example, reading :-)
Honestly, it’s a must I get into reading this summer and not just reading books on my phone but paperback books. I feel that I am spiritually down because I’ve invested a lot of time and emotions into things that are not relevant instead of using that time to get to know myself, my goals and God. Personally, I think reading is a hobby that will definitely force you to be away from technology and put you in a position to be alone and spend time genuinely by yourself as opposed to spending time alone but with 100 other people through a screen.
You eventually realise it becomes unhealthy and eventually, spiritually draining. But onto the books!

1. Playing Hard

Now actually this is a book that I’m reading online (the irony and juxtaposition, shout out to my English squad who’s doing English next year). But this book is actually alright, it kinda drags but I’m still yet to finish the book. (UPDATE: I've finished the book and I would recommend it to anyone who loves the movie 'Love and Basketball'.)
It’s basically a typical romance which is about a boy and girl who are different and cannot be together because of their difference and end up catching feelings for each other. It can be found on Wattpad where all the remaining information on the novel can be found.

2. Keysha’s Drama: A Kimani Tru Novel

Now – any Kimani Tru book, ANY book from the collection I always love. The love is reaaaaal out here for Kimani Tru books because they’re interesting, relatable, funny and enlightening (in terms of life over the pond). I would recommend this to anyone of ethnic minority and anyone interested in drama in within books.

3. The Boy Free Zone

There is a crazy reason why I’m reading this. I must have been with some friends in my school library doing things you shouldn’t be doing in a library (talking loudly and laughing but it’s always loud in the library). So I was bored and picked up the nearest book that caught my eye and the title hooked me. I got the book, well temporarily borrowed it without signing it out, and it’s been sitting on my shelf ever since.
To be honest I have to read this book this summer because I have to return this back to school on results day because that is the biggest chance I’ll get to put it back (if I don't end up going to my school's sixth form). So wish me luck! Plus the book, from what I can remember because I’m too lazy to get up and get it, is about a girl that’s bored in a town and a hot guy comes and she’s mesmerised. If that’s not the plot, I’m so soooorrryyyyy guys but I'm lazy as anything rn.

4. Drama high: Frenemies

 I think I’ve read this book previously but I’m not 100% sure but I’ve definitely come into contact with the series and for the most part it’s okay. I’ve actually started this book but I stopped due to exams but this book was actually interesting up until the part I stopped so I’m definitely going to be catching up with it!

Thank you guys for reading! I honestly challenge you guys to spend some genuine time by yourself. It doesn’t have to be reading. Take the time to understand your purpose and don’t let anything consume your mind that does not aid your personal growth! You’re amazing and you need to start to feed your spirit.
“Show me your friends and I’ll tell you your character” – An African proverb

Simply, Jessy Tee

What They Never Told Me About Blogging | SimplyJessyTee

Hi guys and welcome back to my blog! Recently getting back into blogging, I’ve realised a few things that before starting this journey I was not quite aware of because nobody TOLD MEH. In this post I wanted to share 5 things that nobody tells you before you start blogging and hopefully to anyone who does not have a blog, it will give you a more personal insight of what goes on behind the scenes. And for those that do have a blog, I hope you find this relatable as I wouldn’t want to be the only one who goes/went through this.

1. You are forced to learn HTML.

This has to be the worst one for me. A quick confession: I HATED designing the template/layout for my blog and vowed I would NEVER do it again. From the widgets, to the favicon and back to the sidebar – it was genuinely an awful experience for me. Things that went wrong would be the end of the world. There was one time I risked deleting everything from my blog when I was designing it. Honestly I would rather buy another template in the future than re-design my blog all by myself, I kid you not. I didn’t mind making the logo, header and icon designs but that was a grain of salt compared to what I did overall. For some they love HTML, for me – just no.

2. Using a camera becomes rocket science

Now, to take the photo – 50/50. Upload the photos – fine. Selecting the right photo to use in a post – great. BUT! To create the layout, to find useful things to take for the blog post itself, to edit the photo using a website (especially when your wifi is slow), to buy another SD card because the one you have won’t format which means on top of that you cannot access the photos on the card - I caaaan’t deal you guys. Its legit the one thing that I was not informed of, legit. For some, this is their favourite part of blogging but for me it's the most tedious and sometimes the most boring part. (I prefer to write.)

3. You’re more socially involved.

Before the blog, I never had an instagram account. My twitter was pretty much inactive, I never perceived Pinterest to be a place to attract potential readers and I didn’t even know that Bloglovin existed. Well now I have an instagram which I really like, I’m more active on my twitter, Pinterest is forever my favourite app and now Bloglovin allows me to read other great blog posts! I'm not the biggest lover of social media at times but due to blogging I've become more involved and when it comes to the blog, I actually enjoy using social medias.

4. You become more passionate

I feel I’ve become more passionate about it. I don’t see it as my career or lifelong dream but I do see me blogging in the long haul as something I like to do on the side and possibly going further in terms of going self-hosted and even investing more into it. But we'll see!

5. You either make it easier or harder for yourself.

One thing that I was told before blogging was that it is hard work and requires a lot of time, effort and other essential stuff. I shrugged that off and did it anyway because I didn’t want to be bored in summer 2k16.
In the beginning, it was hard for me because I put so much pressure and expectation on something that had been live for about 2-4 months which is hardly anything compared to those that have been doing it for 4-6 years. But as I had to weigh my priorities, I’ve realised, blogging is what you make it. If you can post 10 times a week, promote everything on everything along with taking a million perfect photos. Then you know what? Kudos to you and those that can do it because you make it look easy and amazing. But for me personally, doing that is begging for a breakdown. So instead, if I can’t do it, then I won’t do it. If I can, then I will.
At the end of the day, blogging is about being realistic and doing it because you're passionate about it and have a lot to bring to the table. You are in complete control so I would say that nobody told me that I don't need to pressure myself because I won't lie. Some bloggers make it seem like you have to love EVERY single second of blogging. And that's just not the case for me when I feel pressured to be perfect at it. One day at a time *claps, bows, and struts off her imaginary stage*

But that’s about it guys, This is one of those posts where I’m going to be annoyed later because I’ll feel like I’ve missed something out but it’s all good. Thank you all so much for reading and I hope you have a restful day. God bless x
“If it’s meant to be, it will happen. If not then God will provide something better” – from a friend of mine.
Image source: Pexels

Simply, Jessy Tee

100 Things GCSEs Taught Me | SimplyJessyTee

Hiya guys. In this post I’m going to be listing the 100 things that GCSEs have taught me. There are various things that I have learned during the two year period that has shaped a lot of things for me in terms of outlook, priorities and people. It’s a funny one because some people will perceive it a lot differently than I did- I don’t know what made me click to take it so seriously the way I did but it did teach me a lot. Some I gained by my own personal observation, some gained from close friends (if they’re reading, they know who they are <3).
To anyone who’s unsure about the term GCSEs; it’s just what everyone between the ages of 14-16 have to do in their last two years of secondary education. They’re a set of subjects that you gain a qualification from once you’ve completed them. That’s it really.

1. Time is valuable. Wasted time, is worse than wasted money.
2. Everyday varies. Some days are great in terms of revision, others not so much
3. Only certain people will get why you’re so dedicated to it. Others will just not.
4. 2-3 close friends is all you NEED. Anymore is just a privilege, not a necessity
5. You gain or lose weight
6. Stress is real
7. Sometimes you’re going to feel completely alone
8. Responsibilities and chores don’t stop, you just need to figure everything out
9. A lack of organisation is study suicide
10. People can be crappy when it comes to their opinions
11. The dynamics of school change. The banter slowly plateaus because nobody has time
12. Squads break up too
13. School gets better then worse. Then restarts that same cycle
14. Guilt, jealousy and bitterness is real.
15. I’m human, not a perfect optimist.
16. I spend the most time with myself – so who’s to tell me who I be?
17. The most embarrassing memories are the funniest
18. Being careless becomes impossible at some point
19. 24 hours a day is not enough
20. There’s legit no time to do what you want, only what you HAVE to

21. “People will broadcast your mistakes and whisper your success”
22. Being an introvert is under-rated
23. You can’t control everything. People, situations, life etc.
24. There’s some bit of unfairness in everyone’s life
25. Crying is a consecutive thing before exams start
26. Relationships are over-rated
27. Revenge is 50/50
28. Whatever that worries you today will not control you this time next year
29. Everything and everyone becomes annoying at some point
30. Natural hair is not on your side during exam periods
31. Don’t wear slippery shoes. Don’t. Do. It.
32. Friends who waste your time with no compassion are short-lived friendships
33. Revising in a group is a joke (shout out to ‘D’ and ‘B’<3 )
34. Sometimes just go home and forget the match.
35. People change. And so do I.
36. Some teachers are not that bad. Some just never change
37. Karma is working its magic
38. You can’t do everything, sometimes let it go
39. Trust in God with all your heart
40. Your family are 50/50 when it comes to revision

41. Doing something fun is like you’re committing a crime
42. Birthday outings are to be taken with caution
43. You find out your flaws and just accept them
44. Nobody can do you better than you.
45. Going out is so loooooooong
46. 22 exams is …tragic.
47. This is the most intensive period of your exams ever. At least with A-levels there’s only 3-4. Plus a degree is one subject.
48. Music is your best friend
49. Work experience is hilarious (shout out to ‘D’ again)
50. Sometimes you have to say nothing. WWIII is just not needed right now
51. P.E has the worst moments and the best moments
52. You end up appreciating everything
53. Watching a film in class is the best thing ever because it’s extra sleep
54. Knowing how painful it is when people wake you up from sleep
55. No matter how far they may wonder, who’s supposed to be in your life will be in your life
56. Being petty is funny
57. Being petty only hurts you
58. Hormones is a mad ting
59. Be yourself always – no one can object to you being out of character. Not once.
60. “The realist people don’t have a lot of friends”- Tupac

61. Old songs bring back MEMORIES
62. Just because you miss someone doesn’t mean they have to be in your life
63. Change is good. To some extent
64. Anxiety is real
65. Art exams are the longest!! OMDS
66. Everything happens for a reason – One of my favourite quotes
67. Be the well-wisher and the go-getter
68. Nicki Minaj is just forever integrated in my pre-teen and teenager years
69. You have a dream now, go for it.
70. Support yourself because that’s all you got for definite in this world.
71. I will be successful
72. Surround yourself with beautiful people. Not in looks but in personality and soul
73. Crying over food is not exaggeration. It’s frustration
74. Laughing is the best thing
75. You can love and hate someone at the same time.
76. Liking the idea of  someone is not the same as liking them
77. Confident people don’t need to hate
78. Grind in silence.
79. The most private people are the ones that make you think you know everything about them but really you don’t begin to scratch the surface.
80. Studying for a language is not learning it, it’s remembering it

81. Memes are amazing
82. Pinterest is amazing
83. Social media is not that amazing
84. GCSEs are your main priority
85. You remember everything at night
86. You become more sensitive to certain things.
87. Everyone looks like they got their s*x% together but they don’t.
88. You never get enough sleep
89. You can’t remember the last time you went to bed at 9 o’clock
90. You become more passionate and ambitious
91. You realise that everything is a legit a journey to a better destination
92. You become so angry at petty things
93. Any excuse begins with “I’m revising…”
94. When exams start, you feel lighter
95. Starting early is better than starting later
96. In exams you legit don’t understand what’s going on, you think about your wedding, future kids, husband and jobs
97. You end up doing it for yourself as opposed to anyone else
98. Faith is more powerful than doubt.
99. You become closer to your family members
100 I will always win at the end of the day (figurative speech because I can’t hack netball)

If you read all of that, you’re the real MVP of my blog! Love you all and I hope some of that was relatable. Comment below your favourite one. Love ya loads guys!! Jessy x
“God is within her, she will not fail” – Psalm 46:5

Simply, Jessy Tee